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How to get there

Rethymno is conveniently supported from both main airports, Chania and Heraklion, which means many more flight options.

Many ferries sail into Crete from Athens port (Pireas) daily.

Airports and ports of Chania and Heraklion are connected with Rethymnon efficiently and reasonably priced by public transportation. Also there is frequent public transportation connecting Rethymno with other towns and villages in the prefecture.

Arriving by car
The most fast and easy way to drive to Rethymno is by the north coast main road. Rethymno town is about 80km from Heraklion and 60km from Chania. There are many car hire options in both airports of Heraklion and Chania.

Parking in Rethymnon town
There are parkings at the port and in the centre of the town. The old town streets are kept for pedestrians only.

Rethymno is rich with ancient history, most notably through the Minoan civilisation centred at Kydonia east of Rethymno.

Rethymno town started a period of growth when the Venetian conquerors of the island decided to put an intermediate commercial station between Heraklion and Chania. The old town is almost entirely built by the Venetians and the Turks. It is one of the best preserved old towns in Europe, with arched doorways and stone staircases. The town's Venetian-era citadel, the Fortezza, is one of the most well preserved fortresses in Crete. Other monuments include the Neratze mosque (the Municipal arts centre), the Piazza Rimondi (Rimondi square) , the Venetian Loggia and the old venetian port.

The southernmost of the Greek islands, Crete enjoys mild winters and hot summers. Summer visitors will enjoy
spectacularly sunny days. During the summer months (June, July, August), temperatures should be expected to reach 35 degrees celsius. Strong sun protection is necessary if you plan to stay out during the peak hours (12pm to 3pm). During the winter months (January, February, March), temperatures are, on average, between 10 and 15 degrees celsius. Visitors during these months are usually mountaineers. During late April and May, as well as September and October, the climate is "sweet" and "tourist friendly" therefore it's easier to enjoy sun, beaches and walks. The main difference between spring and autumn are that in spring, sea water is still cold but nature is blooming crazy and vice versa in autumn - the sea is warm and nature is not as wild as spring .

Rethymnon beach