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The city and environs
  Rethymnon is the 3rd largest town of Crete. What it characterizes is the huge sandy beach, that begins from the town and ends about 15 km east of it. That’s where most of the visitors enjoy the sea, at the organized beach facilities and also at the café’s and taverns of the coast area.

The town has a population of 30.000 inhabitants. The most visited part is the old town where most of the monuments, café’s, restaurants and music bars are situated. The visitor will be charmed by taking a walk through the narrow streets.

The most famous of the monuments are the Venetian Loggia, the Rimondi fountain, the Venetian harbor, the Porta Guora, the Old Town Square and of course the well maintained castle Fortezza.
East od rethymno are the tourist places of Missiria and Platanias, with the larg hotel units and a variety of shops, restaurants and clubs.

A number of traditional villages is surrounding the town. Maroulas, Chromonastiri, Prasses, Roussospiti, Mikra Anogeia, Gallou and Gerani are a fiew of them. Also remarkable are the monasteries of Agia Eirini and Petrou kai Paulou.

Preveli – Plakias - Fraggokastelo

The area has a large height variation from the mountain part to the coast line, which has the result of a breathtaking view as we approach the sea. The village of Plakias is focusing the most of the interest. Plakias is a resort village of exceptional beauty, with the beach there and the close one of Souda, gathering a large number of visitors.
The Preveli monastery, centre of the local resistance during the 2nd WW has an impressive view below to the Libyan sea. The Preveli Palm Beach, one of the most interesting beaches in Crete, is located below the monastery.
The Fraggokastelo on the other hand is located at the west part of the south coast, on a nice beach which is getting more interesting with the castle built on it.

  Plakias Preveli

Agia Galini – Triopetra - Liggres

The similar landscape characteristics make this area as interesting as the previous one. Our main destination here is Agia Galini. Remarkable beaches are the Triopetra and the Liggres, both sandy. The village Spili, capital of the local municipality, is also gaining our interest, located on the main road to Rethymnon. There are several tourist shops, taverns, café’s and at the center of the village we see a number of lion headed fountains, the landmark of the village.

  Ag. Galini Triopetra

Anogeia - Zoniana

For many people this area is the “real Crete”. It is known with the name “upper Mylopotamos”. Worth to visit are the Sentoni cave at Zoniana, the village Anogeia which is a center of Cretan pupils art, the plateau Nida which is a historic center of sheep cultivating and the Idaion Andron birthplace of Zeus. The high mountains, part of the Ida mountain complex, create the rough character of the area.


Eleftherna – Margarites - Arkadi

A remarkable landscape and an excellent historic background consist one of the most interesting areas. The famous Arkadi monastery has a dominating presence on a plateau with pines. The picturesque village of Margarites, traditional pottery center, is definitely within anybodies destination list. Near of it is located the ancient town of Eleftherna, where the excavations have found several items starting from the Archaic period to the Hellenistic one, all under the supervision of the University of Crete’s archaeological team.

  Arkadi Eleftherna  

Amari – Potamoi dam

The most “untouched” area in Crete. Traditional villages, a natural forestry landscape and the dam give an impression of a Swiss view. Any traveler should pay a visit to the lovely villages of the area, in combination with a visit at the dam’s lake.

Argyroupoli – Roustika - Monopari

This area is well known for the very high mountains, that’s where the White Mountains start, and its many waters. Near the village Argyroupoli is the famous location of Agia Dynami, a gorge with a forest in it and many abandoned watermills. It’s a must destination for anyone who likes to eat within a beautiful environment.
More to the east is located the lovely village Roustika and close to it is the famous monastery of Roustika.
The castle Monopari, built at a breathtaking location, is compensating us not only with the beautiful location but also with the interesting drive to get there.


Bali - Panormo

The second largest tourist area of Rethymnon’s prefecture. Bali has a dynamic presence, owned to the beautiful beach it has. Taverns, café’s, clubs, and bars are on the visitor’s disposal. Panormo on the other hand has managed to balance between tradition and tourist development successfully. Around its fish harbor are situated small café’s and taverns.


Festivals and local feasts

1. Renaissance festival of Rethymnon. With an impressing opening, the festival, which is related to the renaissance period in Crete, is a landmark of summer Rethymnon.
2. The local wine festival since May 2008 is oriented to show not only the local wine but also the local verified agricultural products. Small exhibitions of local pupil handcraft artists are also taking place. All of these are combined with local music evenings from the rich Cretan music tradition. The place is the municipal garden and the time the last 10 days of May.
3. Boudalia Margarites. Significant theatrical performance from a creative team called DOMA, consisted of the young inhabitants of the village.
4. Carnival parade and parties. At the end of the winter we celebrate the fore coming of spring with a unique rethymnian way. Not by chance recognized as one of the most important, of its kind, events in Greece.
5. Garazo raki festival
6. Local festivals. Ask about the many different traditional festivals that take place in our villages, especially during the summer period.


Monasteries – Sacred places

Besides the monasteries Arkadi and Preveli there are other interesting sacred places
Atali monastery
Vosakos monastery
Veni – cave church of St Antony
Patsos gorge – also cave church of St Antony, close to the first one.
Myriokefala – Panagia Antifonitria, at Myriokefala, close to Argyroupolis.

Vosakou monastery   Miriokefala church